Off the Tee

On August 16, the Sleepy Hollow Ladies played “Mystery Holes” (the eighth on the front side and the 10th on the back nine). Debbie DeLeonardo achieved a win with a 26. Carol Winckler was second with a 27 and Lynne Wiseman was third with a 28. Three Ladies had 15 putts each — Dot Sager, Dr. Marneerat, and Carole Daly. Carole Daly birdied the 16th hole. The Ladies are simultaneously playing the Club Championship as well. The last four players in the First Flight of the Club Championship are Dr. Marneerat vs. Lynne Wiseman and Peggy Sowers vs. Debbie DeLeonardo. The last two in the Second Flight are Maggie Whitehair vs. Dot Sager.


Maggie Whitehair


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