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WILLIAMSTOWN – Over the years, as I have talked with business owners, the one thing that they want to achieve is balance in their lives. I know for myself, I am constantly trying to make sure that I have as such of a balance as I can.

Just recently I felt the off-balance signs so I decided to do a quick and easy balance assessment. This tool always helps me to see clearly where I’m off balance and then helps me get back on track.

To make your balance assessment, you will need an 8 l/2 x 11 sheet of paper, a pen or pencil and two different colored markers, let’s say red and green. This balance assessment is based on a scale of 1-10, with one being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Write the date you do the first assessment on your chart. You will have eight columns that represent the areas of your life: (1) fun and recreation; (2) health and wellness; (3) personal growth; (4) spirituality; (5) finances; (6) career/profession; (7) environment; and (8) relationships.

The ultimate goal is to create a very rich and balanced life – so you will be working towards having ALL your columns at a level 10.

Let’s do the first one together – Fun and Recreation. In the first column, ask yourself where you would rate your life in the area of fun and recreation on a scale of 1-10. Use your red pen to color in where you are today. Do this assessment for the rest of the seven areas and color in the bars with your answers.

Now look at your bars. Do you see any huge differences? Where are you out of balance? This is a very quick assessment of the balance you have in your life today.

Step 2: Now ask yourself what you would need to do to have make “Fun and Recreation” a 10 in your life. Write down what comes to your mind. These will be your action steps for the next 30 days.

Step 3: Re-take the assessment in 30 days and use your green marker to chart where you are at that point. Now you’ll be able to see if your action plans are moving you toward a life with more balance. It will also show you what areas you need to re-evaluate and when you might need to free up time or make other changes.

Remember, life is life, and you will always be working on creating a more balanced life. This assessment tool helps you to see an overall picture of your life in a quick snapshot so you can see what areas need adjustment.

Debra J. Cunningham, who holds an MBA from West Virginia University, works as a business coach and consultant, specializing in small businesses. She is the president/CEO of Evergreen Business Strategies Inc. of Wood County. Reach her at 304-834-0777 or at

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