Jefferson bests Knight Night field

KINGWOOD — With Ryan Graf running the second-best individual time and Andrew Milliron recording the fourth-best time in the annual Knight Night cross country invitational, the Jefferson “A” team won the meet with a four-runner time that was 40 seconds better than runner-up University.

The Cougars, defending Class AAA state champions, had a four-runner time of 31:04.7 and University had a time of 31:48.5.

Parkersburg finished third, Morgantown was fourth, and Preston was fifth. Jefferson’s “B” team was sixth overall in the 26-team field. The “B” team was timed in 33:29.6.

University, Parkersburg, and Morgantown all fielded four teams and Jefferson had three teams entered.

The other two runners on Jefferson’s “A” team were Rhett Zillinger (7:50.8) and Jimmy Ross (8:12.7). The four runners on Jefferson’s “B” team were Jackson Jacobs (7:50.5), Zach Wiberg (8:07.9), Matt Royster (8:36.5), and Arlo Parker (8:54.7).

The Washington High “A” team finished 12th and the Patriots’ “B” team was 18th. The four runners on the “A” team were Joe McCormick (8:19), Jack Sibrell (9:06.7), Corey Lewis (9:13.3), and Ethan Thomas (9:29.9). The “A” team was timed in 36:08.9.

In the girls division of the Knight Night Invitational, Morgantown High dominated the event. The Mohigan “A” team won the event in 36:30.4 . . . and the Mohigan “B” team was second in the event.

The Jefferson “A” team was fifth overall, timed in 38:36.5 and the Washington “A” team was eighth overall with a time of 41:49.2.

Runners on the Jefferson “A” team were Abby Colbert (9:09.5), Anya Wallace (9:23.4), Molly Briggs (9:51.8), and Emma Lindberg (10:11.8).

Runners on the Washington “A” team were Destiny Harrison (9:33.8), Christina Rogombe (10:36.2), Rhonda Rogombe (10:54.4), and Emily Franklin (10:53.8).

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