In departing, a hope for peace and happines

I have decided to let the specific issues surrounding my sudden departure drop. The timing and reasons are known to some. Others are well aware of the increased stress and frustration resulting from my day in and day out contact with Jefferson county government.

A few knew of some longer range personal plans. In any case, I have moved on. Susie and I have begun the most challenging, difficult and enjoyable project either of us has ever undertaken: creation of a totally self sustaining life situation. Growing all our food, building all our structures, making space for extended family members facing difficulty, developing on-site energy production for comfort needs and many long overdo creative endeavors. This project would be virtually impossible in Jefferson. Doing all of this in our vision and not subject to the arbitrary regulatory restrictions imposed by those without vision or standing is the true measure in “quality of life”.

I will always appreciate the personal friendships that grew during my 20 plus years in Jefferson. I am grateful to all those that supported and encouraged my public activity. The outpouring of genuine help and sympathy during my personal struggles will always hold a special meaning and never be forgotten. Thanks to all those that took the time to say a kind word of encouragement on the street, checkout line or that random email or phone call. They always seemed to be the right words at the right time.

I would like to leave the community with one hope. That each of you can find the peace and happiness I currently enjoy.

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