EDITORIAL – Get involved: Vote

The Spirit of Jefferson is committed to making our local community the best possible place to live and do business, and we believe there’s no more important way for our readers to get involved than by heading to the polls Nov. 6.

But citizens who aren’t already registered voters can’t wait until November to sign up; the cutoff to complete the paperwork to cast a vote in the fall election comes on Oct. 16 – that’s just 55 days away.

In the weeks to come, the Spirit will be working hard not only to fully inform our readers about the candidates and issues on the November ballot, but to encourage every eligible voter to sign up and then to follow through and cast their vote, either through the early voting process or by going to his or her local precinct on that first Tuesday of November.

Our push already is under way. Spirit representatives set up at the Jefferson County Fair this week have been handing out voter registration forms sent to us by the Secretary of State’s office in Charleston. We’ll turn in completed forms to the Jefferson County Clerk or to the clerk’s office in Martinsburg if any Berkeley County residents stop by our booth.

Anyone eligible to vote should sign up; like all other voter registration drive, there is no preference given for any particular political party.

For too long, the Eastern Panhandle has been underrepresented – not because of any machinations on the part of the power-hungry in Charleston or any other outside force, but simply because so many here don’t exercise their right to vote.

We need to change that.

Sign up to vote. If you’ve never taken part in an election, now is the time. If you’re new to the area and still registered at your former address, make that update. If you’re 17 but will turn 18 by Election Day, get registered now.

In the weeks to come, you’ll see lots of news about this election – coverage of local contests as well as county, state and federal races. You’ll see lots of campaign signs and many ads and commercials. 

This election will affect you and your family, but it’s only the voters who come out on Nov. 6 who will have a voice in determining our future. Be one of them. Get involved now.

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