Church adheres to the word of the Bible

The Charles Town Church of Christ is a God-centered congregation of believers who believe in the word of the Bible — literally.

Led by 23-year-old Allan Hornbuckle, the congregation of 60 base doctrine and practice on the Bible alone. Hornbuckle spent two years at the Memphis School of Preaching before coming to Charles Town three years ago.

The Charles Town Church of Christ conducts worship services the way Christians did in the first century

“We are a congregation of the Lord’s church and we simply believe the Bible’s the word of God and we go by the book,” Hornbuckle said. “We don’t have any man-made doctrines or anything else that is added to it. We are autonomous and have no government above the local congregation. The Bible talks about there being an eldership, a group of five men that oversees the flock in one area, so we have the local congregation here that meets to strive to do the Lord’s will and simply do what the Bible says.

“When it comes to worship, we only do what was done in the first century. Those folks were given inspiration through the Apostles to know exactly what they needed to do to worship and be correct so we do not add to or take away from anything they did in the first century, so if the Bible says it, we do it, if not, we don’t. This is the big thing that separates us from everyone else. We do not add anything to what we do or what we teach just to conform to what is popular. We stick to the Scriptures. For example, we have a cappella singing. We don’t have instruments. They only sang in the first century, so we only sing.”

The church is active in two international outreach programs: Bibles for China and Christians for Kenya.

“Bibles for China is a program designed to print and publish Bibles and ship them to China. It is not the most Bible-friendly country in the world, so we should support that group that ships the Bibles over there. Christians for Kenya is essentially an evangelism outreach for people in Kenya,” Hornbuckle said.

The church is ready to help those in the community who feel lost or are in need of assistance.

“We are here to help. We are Christians looking to help the folks that we can. We try to reach out with the Gospel because that is the real thing that is going to heal a person. All of us have been in a place where we have needed some help — spiritually or physically — so we are here to try to lend a helping hand. We are simple people who follow a simple Bible and we just do what it says. Anybody who wants to come worship with us and learn more about God’s word are more than welcome to join us,” Hornbuckle said.

The Charles Town Church of Christ is located on Old Country Club Road. For more information, contact the church by calling 304-725-7730 or email

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