West Virginia must spend $1.8 million health grant in two months

CHARLESTON (AP) — The clock is ticking on a $1.8 million federal grant aimed at reducing West Virginia’s high obesity and chronic disease rate.

West Virginia was awarded the grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in October, but it didn’t receive the funding until this week. It must spend the money before the Sept. 30 deadline.

In the latest Gallup Healthways ranking, West Virginia leads the nation in 10 out of 12 chronic disease categories, including heart attacks, diabetes and obesity. State health officials say the grant could be very helpful if officials have adequate time to spend the money.

The Charleston Gazette reports that the funding will be divided among four health departments. They will be responsible for distributing the money to projects in nine to 18 counties.

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One Response to West Virginia must spend $1.8 million health grant in two months

  1. They should spend the money creating more healthful, more appealing meals for the children in West Virginia schools. If we teach the children of today to live healthier lifestyles, especially in terms of their diet as I believe diet is the primary cause of obesity in this state as a permanent resident in West Virginia, then these children will learn the habits they need to be healthy adults. Thus discontinuing the issue of obesity in West Virginia by stopping it at the root. The adults who already have weight issues are probably not going to put a lot of effort into changing their lifestyles, plus they have already developed their habits. However, if we can teach the upcoming generations to live more healthful lifestyles in terms of diet and also exercise then hopefully they will carry that knowledge into adulthood.

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