Jefferson CEO meeting highlights

Jamie Phipps hosted the April meeting of the Jefferson CEOS Club. Using the program theme of the day “Time for Tea,” she had a tea party. Members arrived donning spring hats and gloves. The hostess served four kinds of tea in beautiful tea pots. She served scones and assorted sandwiches and cookies. The origin of tea dates back to 2737 B.C. in China. The discovery was made when the wind carried dried camellia leaves into a pot of boiling water. Tea has become the world’s most popular drink. Iced tea was born in America at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Richard Blechynden was exhausted from selling hot tea during the summer festival. In order to speed up sales he dropped some ice in a cup of hot tea, thus iced tea was born.

The hostess served lady grey tea which is a black tea and the most common in the western world. Green teas have a much lighter flavor. Research shows a link between green tea and a reduced risk for heart disease as well as several cancers.

White tea is scarcer and more expensive than other teas. The flavor is light and sweet. Oolong tea is known as “the connoissuer’s tea.” It has a distinct flavor and special aroma. Studies show it aids in weight loss by increasing metabolism.

During the business meeting members were reminded of important dates: Fall Conference at Jackson’s Mill Sept. 24-27; and the Achievement Party Nov. 3 at Paul’s. The club welcomed a new member Linda Whitmore.

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