Elks Run watershed to be topic on July 28

CHARLES TOWN – All residents of the Elks Run watershed and others who are concerned about the water quality of Elks Run are invited to participate in an informal public meeting to be held on July 28 at 10 a.m. at the Elk Branch Presbyterian Church

The church is located at the corner of Flowing Springs Road and Luther Jones Road. The meeting will be held in the brick building beside the church.

The focus of this meeting will be to create a watershed group for the Elks Run watershed and to build on ideas generated at the May 29 meeting for improving the water quality of Elks Run, Elks Branch and all of their tributaries.

The Elks Run Study Committee, which has been active in protecting the Elks Run watershed, has finalized its work with the Town of Harpers Ferry and will no longer lead this effort.

The meeting will be hosted by the West Virginia Conservation Agency.

For more information about this meeting and the efforts to restore Elks Run, contact Suzy Lucas, WVCA Conservation Specialist, at rlucas@wvca.us or 304-263-4376, ext. 2.

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