I would like to start off by saying hello to all the fellow outdoorsmen and women out there that also call this great state home. My name is Clint Ferguson and I was born and raised in central West Virginia. Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel all over wild and wonderful. I never get tired of driving around on our back roads as there’s always something to look at.

West Virginia is truly blessed not only with great people but also beautiful rolling mountains along with several streams, rivers, and lakes. There’s plenty of public land and excellent outdoor opportunities. To me, there’s nothing more refreshing than easing into a cool mountain stream and casting a dry fly to a rising trout.

I grew up fishing on Summersville Lake as well as the many farm ponds that dot the landscape. As a young pup those hungry bass and bluegill would entertain me for hours. I still enjoy spending a day on the lake and with so many close by there’s plenty to choose from.

The mighty Elk River is one of my favorites. From its cool running headwaters all the way down to the mouth at Charleston there’s a variety of fish species to target. That river has provided me and my wife with countless memories that are forever etched in my memory banks. Of course, there are several other quality rivers that I also enjoy fishing. The Blackwater Canyon has to be one of the more rugged places I’ve fished.

And speaking of my lovely wife, Tara, y’all will be hearing me talk about her a lot as she joins me regularly on fishing and hunting outings. We both enjoy getting outdoors and spending quality time with one another.

It could be anything from picking morel mushrooms to digging ramps or just simply taking a stroll in the woods. On any given weekend you will more than likely find us standing in one of our many trout streams casting flies to wild trout. West Virginia has some great trout fishing in our high mountain counties.

I love hunting our hills and hollows and I’m looking forward to cool crisp mornings and another hunting season. There’s nothing like the excitement leading up to the opening day of deer season. I’m sure once October rolls around you’ll hear me talk about it even more.

In the following weeks I’m liable to write about anything and everything outdoors related. I’m not much of a fan of heat and humidity but I better get use to it as summer is here. It never fails that year in and year out I’m cussing those dang ticks and chiggers as they always seem to find me. Those are two species I could do without, along with mosquitoes. I’ll talk a little about everything including the good and the bad in the weeks to come.

I look forward to sharing stories and telling lies with all of you over the next few months and I hope you find them entertaining. I’d like to thank the Spirit of Jefferson for the opportunity to bring this West Virginia Outdoors column to all of you. Take care until next time.

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