Rotary Club announces Paul Harris Award winners

The Rotary Club of Shepherdstown recently announced two Paul Harris Awards.

One award was presented to Doug Alexander. Doug is a 14-year member who has long been active in club activities, and he is the only member who has served twice as president, first in 1999 and again in 2009. This is his second Paul Harris Award.

The other award was presented to Peter Smith, who joined the club in 2006. Peter is a two-term president of the local Audubon Society and has played a major role in planning the town of Shepherdstown’s 250th anniversary celebration, which is taking place this year.

The Paul Harris Award is the Shepherdstown Rotary Club’s highest award. It is named Rotary International founder Paul Percy Harris, who died in 1947.

The Shepherdstown Club periodically bestows this award on club and community members who exemplify the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self.” The club makes a $1,000 contribution from its own funds to the International Rotary organization’s charitable foundation on each awardee’s behalf.

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