Off the tee

On Thursday, June 7, the Sleepy Hollow Ladies played “Drivin” Miss Daisy”. Maggie Whitehair won with a 68; placing second was Carolyn Collin with a 72 and Lynn Wiseman placed third with a 76. Peggy Sowers won daily putts with 32. Both Lynne Wiseman and Peggy Sowers birdied the 16th hole.

The Jake Pugh Memorial Tournament will be played on Thursday, June 14. Jake Pugh is interwoven with the history of Sleepy Hollow Golf Course. Just mention his name and smiles and stories abound. Owner, Marney Glenn, stated Jake was the pro there for 33 years. Nancy Roth said, “I think Jake really enjoyed giving women golf instructions.” While Phil Boggs, with a big old grin says, “Many times I heard Jake mutter, ‘They should stay home and bake pies and cookies’.” Then was quick to brag that Jake had won the Winchester Country Club championship 11 out of 12 years. Dot Sager relates how a slight line running across hole 18 became known as “Jake’s Ditch”. As he aged and his drives had less distance, other players would pick up his ball and throw it over the ditch. Sandra Roy tells how he loved his little dog that waited patiently at the club house until Jake finished his morning golf. Then, together, they sat and shared their lunch.




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