Little League all-star tournaments begin this week

The annual Little League all-star tournaments begin this Friday (June 22) with the 9-10-year-old, District 6, Area 1 event to be staged in Morgan County.

All-Star teams from Jefferson County, Charles Town-Ranson, South Berkeley, Martinsburg, Hedgesville, and Morgan County will compete in the first level of play. Jefferson County will play Charles Town-Ranson this Friday in a first-round game.

The Jefferson County 9-10 team has James Walsh, Will Ricketts, Z P Pownell, Zach Palmer, Scott Matthews, Mason LaFollette, Zach Knott, Bear Horowicz, Cory Daly, Hunter Curry, Jake Chadwick, Joshua Burke, and Regan Allinger on its roster.

The team is managed by Rick LaFollette and has coaches Tim Pownell and Ty Allinger.

The 9-10 year-old softball District 6, Area 1 tournament also begins on June 22 in Hedgesville.

Teams entered are Jefferson County, Hedgesville, Moorefield, Morgan County, Pendleton County, and South Berkeley. On Friday, the Jefferson County team faces Hedgesville.

The 9-10 softball roster for the Jefferson County team includes Abby Carter, Julia Carter, Hallie Crider, Rachel Cunningham, Claudia DiLima, Jessica Fisher, Faith Klein, Hannah Lanagan, Ashley Palmer, Faith Palmer, and McKenzye Schauer. The team’s manager is Joe Palmer and the coaches are Jeff Klein and Frank Carter. The team mom is Michelle Palmer.

On Wednesday, June 27 the District 6, Area 1 junior softball tournament gets underway in Morgan County. The teams entered there are Jefferson County, Charles Town-Ranson, South Berkeley, and Morgan County.

Charles Town-Ranson plays Jefferson on Wednesday, June 27.

On Thursday, June 28 the 11-12-year-old District 6, Area 1 baseball tournament will be hosted by the Charles Town-Ranson League.

The six teams entered will be Charles Town-Ranson, Jefferson County, Martinsburg, South Berkleley, Hedgesville, and Morgan County.

The Jefferson County roster has Mason Young, Nicholas Wilson, CJ Williams, Collin Webster, Culen Watson, Taylor Tennant, Nathan Kerr, Cody Keiper, Dalton Jackson, Gabriel Durant, David Dinges, Mark Bailey, and Zachary Ainsworth. The manager of that team is Dave Dinges and the coaches are Bryan Watson and Brian Ainsworth.

On Friday, June 29 in Hedgesville the Junior Division baseball tournament opens with six teams entered. Jefferson County, Charles Town-Ranson, Martinsburg, Hedgesville, Morgan County, and South Berkeley comprise the Junior Division baseball field.

On that Friday, Charles Town-Ranson will play Jefferson County in a first-round game.

Saturday, June 30 will be the starting date of the 10-11-year-old District 6, Area 1 softball tournament. There will be four teams in the event and they are Charles Town-Ranson, Morgan County, Grant County, and East Hardy.

The District 6, Area 1 Senior Division baseball tournament opens on July 7 in Hedgesville. Only three teams are entered and they are Charles Town-Ranson, Hedgesville, and East Hardy.

Jefferson County has no all-star teams in the 11-12-year-old District 6, Area 1 softball tournament. Jefferson County also has no teams in the District 6, Area 1 senior softball tournament. The Jefferson County Little League will be hosting the District 6 finals in the 11-12-year-old baseball tournament that begins on Saturday, July 7.

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