Shameful oversight

I was happy to learn that my neighbor was graduating from Jefferson High School in the Class of 2012 and delighted to receive a graduation announcement. My pleasure ended there.

The graduation announcement which was provided to students at Jefferson High School contains a grammatical error. The word “its,” a possessive pronoun which denotes the commencement ceremony, is spelled “it’s,” a contraction of the pronoun “it” and the verb “is.” In fact, “the Senior Class of Jefferson High School announces it is Commencement Ceremony.”

This is an embarrassment which I tried to quietly bring to the attention of the offices of the superintendent of schools, but the person who returned my call told me, cavalierly, to “call the school.” Perhaps this person did not think my concern was a big deal. As a taxpayer, an educator, and a supporter of public education, I believe an error like this is a very big deal.

It is too bad that the Class of 2012 does not have an announcement of which class members and their families can be proud. Instead, they have an announcement with a grammatical error that is typically addressed in the elementary grades.

Helen P. Becker, Ed. D

Harpers Ferry

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