Football is about more than touchdowns

Troy, Tracie and Tyler Wilt have asked that I extend their sincere thank you for the support that they have received from friends, family and businesses in Jefferson County.

As you may be aware, Washington High School quarterback Tyler Wilt has been receiving treatment for a newly diagnosed health problem this summer. His doctors expect that Tyler will make a full recovery, but it will be a long, rocky road to get there.

Local businesses, churches and community members have stepped up in an amazing fashion to raise money for Tyler in his care and recovery.

From early on, as Tyler was diagnosed, Tyler’s parents stated that she could feel the positive energy from the prayers and thoughts coming from Jefferson County.

The Wilt’s would like to thank local businesses — So Angelina’s, The Locker Room, Glory Days Grill, Shear Image, Tammy Sirbaugh of State Farm, and the Spirit of Jefferson — for their kind donations during this new road they must travel with Tyler. Rock Spring Church along with several other churches and local schools have also been extremely generous with donations for the Wilt family. Several teams at Washington High School also stepped forward to help raise funds for Tyler including WHS football, boys baseball, cheerleading, girls softball and girls basketball teams. The support from the WHS family has been phenomenal. Gift cards for gas and meals from restaurants were quickly delivered to the Wilt’s before they even knew the course of treatment Tyler would take.

Proving once again that football is about more than touchdowns our friends from the Jefferson High School Football boosters kindly made a donation to the Wilt’s for Tyler. Many thanks to our “Cougar” neighbors who are the epitome of gentlemen and sportsmen in reaching out to their rival’s quarterback.

Having recently organized a cash bonanza as a “friend of Big Mike,” and now as I help with efforts in “teaming up for Tyler,” I am humbled and amazed by the level of caring and generosity this community has offered.

On the behalf of the Wilts’ who are very busy in Tyler’s care and treatment at the moment, we thank you for your generosity and kindness. I know you will continue to keep our quarterback and Coach Grant in your thoughts and prayers in the days and months ahead.

Ronda Lehman

WHS football booster secretary and friend of the Wilt family

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