BOE budget balanced with $5 million less

CHARLES TOWN — The Jefferson County Board of Education balanced its July 1 2012 through June 30, 2013 budget with $5 million less than last year.

Board superintendent Susan Wall said less revenue is due to property values going down.
“The excess levy is based on property taxes,” Wall said.
And, she added, there is no shortfall this year.
“We are finishing up the June 30 budget balanced,” Wall said.
More good news, Wall said, is the status of those schools employees being RIFed.
“We originally had 66 targeted,” Wall said. “Because of retirement and attrition we have all but four positions filled, and I feel those will be filled as well.”
Wall said some teachers won’t be at the same schools, but they will have the same benefits and supplemental checks, which allow us to recruit and retain teachers matching salaries with neighboring counties,” said Wall.
Board member Alan Sturm said he was disappointed the board didn’t have more time to go over next year’s budget.
“I don’t feel we spent enough time looking at each line item and each detail,” said Sturm. “I’m not implying anything is wrong. I just feel we are in a budget crisis and we didn’t spend enough time going through the budget.”
Sturm said the budget is balanced and he feels everything will work out.
“The state mandates time lines. In my opinion we didn’t schedule enough meeting to do the detail we should have,” said Sturm.
Wall said the budget has been discussed throughout the school year.
“This has been a tough season but we got the job done. There were discussions on the budget year round. People always want more time,” Wall said.
“And we did it with $5 million less.”


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