A different classroom

Twenty-one people were awarded General Equivalency diplomas June 4 at the Betty Roper Auditorium at Wright Denny Intermediate School. The 2012 gradates participating in the graduation ceremony included: Christian Armstrong, Cordell Armstrong, Raheem Baker, Tala Laine Chapman, Yaling Ching, Charlene Cook, Jessica Gregg, Brian Hanna, Troy Heflin, Aleisha Jolley, Tami Key, Michael McAnnally, Victoria Mason, AnnaMarie Morrison, Russell Popkins, Cristina Rivera, Danielle Stickel, Fleisha Tucker, Britany Wilson, and Alexandria Yazbek. In remarks to the graduates, Assistant Superintendent Patrick Blanc commended them on “weathering life’s storms without giving up.” “Each of you had special circumstances that caused you to not finish high school earlier in your life,” Blanc said. “These situations taught your lessons you would probably never learn in a classroom.”

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