W.Va. woman trapped in wrecked van nearly 3 days

MORGANTOWN (AP) — A West Virginia woman is recovering after she was trapped in her wrecked van for almost three days and crawled out to reach help.

Authorities in Monongalia County say Veronica McFoy, 41, lost control of her van on a rural road on Monday while traveling to a store. It went over an embankment and traveled about 50 feet before it landed on its side in an overgrown area not visible from the road.

Her husband, Wilford McCoy, told The Dominion Post (http://bit.ly/r8Ei4o) that she broke vertebrae, ribs and her chest bone.

She wasn’t able to use a tool inside to break a window until Thursday. She crawled up the embankment to the road and flagged down help.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Wilford McFoy told the newspaper. “It’s only about a half-mile from the house.”

He said he realized something had happened when she did not pick up their daughter from work Monday evening. He contacted friends and family and asked if anyone had seen her. Following a mandatory 48-hour waiting period, he reported her missing on Wednesday.

“I didn’t know what to think,” he said. “All kinds of strange things come to your mind.”

McFoy said he is glad that his wife survived, although she is “beat up pretty bad.” He said she is covered in bruises and her movement is limited.

“I told her the good Lord was taking care of her.”

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