Police raid leads to three arrests

Yesterday a police raid authorized by search warrants aimed at obtaining evidence about the recent shooting at Apple Tree Gardens and the April 23rd armed robbery of the nearby 7-11 convenience story led to the arrest of three individuals. None of the three have been charged with anything related to either the shooting or the robbery, according to police.

According to Chief William Roper of the Ranson Police Department, 35 officers from his department, the Sheriff’s Department, Charles Town, Harpers Ferry and Shepherdstown police departments participated in the raid. They executed the search warrant at approximately 9:00 a.m. on May 3, but they are not yet releasing the location of the property that was searched.

Officers arrested Melissa Lindamood, 32, for an outstanding assault warrant; William J. Holmes, 27, for a capias warrant resulting from failure to appear on charges of fleeing from an officer; and Amber Kaye Williams, 25, for possession of marijuana and cocaine.

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