Please join us for a Memorial Blood Drive in loving memory of Cynthia Snyder

Thursday, May 10 Noon to 6 PM

Holiday Inn, Martinsburg

Banquet Room

Sponsored by:

First Baptist Church of Martinsburg

Cynthia suffered from a rare bone marrow disease known as Diamond Blackfan Anemia which required monthly blood transfusions for much of her life.

Beginning with transfusions at only 8 weeks of age, she was able to tolerate the anemia up into her mid twenties when the effect of her anemia became much more critical. She began experimental drug therapy at the University of Virginia and was treated with Cytoxan and then later Imuran. These two drugs pushed her anemia into recession for over twenty years. In 2002 the drug therapy became ineffective and Cynthia again became reliant on blood transfusions. The frequency of these transfusions increased over time up to the point that she required two units of blood every three weeks. Cynthia was always thankful for the gift of life she received from those who donate blood.

Please visit Cynthia’s website at

Blood given at this drive will be used to help patients throughout the region.

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