Off the Tee

Sunshine has eluded the lady golders of Sleepy Hollow, yet competition reigns. On April 19, the game was Blind Partners. Without having and even number, we used our club champion twice. She won both first and second place. The team of Dr. Marneerat/Carole Day won with 217. The team of Dr. Marneeret/Peggy Sowers was second with 219. Third place was taken by Peggy Sowers/Maggie Whitehair with 236.

Debbie DeLeonardo and Peggy Sowers each won low putts with 31.
On April 27, the game was Best Front or Back, minus 50% handicap. Dr. Marneerat won with a 41. Therese Pierce and Peggy Sowers tied for second and third place with scores of 42. Maggie Whitehair won low putts with 17 and also chipped in and had a birdie on the sixth hole.
Dot Sager’s popular “M & M Tournament ” (member/male) has been rescheduled for a later date.


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