Lorenzetti wins prosecutor’s race

CHARLES TOWN – Tuesday’s primary win by incumbent Democrat Ralph Lorenzetti may ensure he remains prosecuting attorney of Jefferson County; no Republican candidate has entered the race.

Lorenzetti beat out primary challenger Ruth McQuade by a margin of 1,969 to 1,384.
Lorenzetti has touted modernization of the prosecutor’s office as one of the hallmark achievements of his four years in office.
“Since I’ve come here, we’ve purchased a software program,” Lorenzetti said. “Our grand jury cases are all scanned into the computer. We have all of our discovery on CDs for the defense council. The idea is to eventually go almost paperless. We’re not there yet, but it is a goal that we have within sight now.”
McQuade, an attorney in private practice, worked as a federal prosecutor for 20 years. She criticized Lorenzetti’s office for not being as aggressive in prosecuting crimes as it should have been.
McQuade had pledged to step up prosecution of drug-related offenses and argued that Jefferson County should make more aggressive use of forfeiture rules.
“I’m happy today,” Lorenzetti said. “I thank the citizens of Jefferson County for supporting me and my office and what we have been doing. My opponent put up a spirited fight and I appreciate the fact that she ran a cordial campaign.”


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