Re-elect Gary Kable

 First elected to the Jefferson County Board of Education when the school system was experiencing low morale because of the employment climate, Gary Kable has served six years on a school board that has increased the pay and benefits of employees and has seen the percentage of highly qualified employees rise from 90 to 97 percent. As a current board member, Gary was involved in the overseeing of work order changes on the construction of Washington High School, the planning and construction of both Driswood Elementary School and Blue Ridge Primary, and the development of plans for a new bus garage.

Because of state requirements regarding transfers and the reduction in force of employees, and not because of perceived budget deficits, early in 2012, 66 employees received RIF notices. In the past several weeks, Kable and other current board members have reinstated 57 employees, and the re-employment of nine more may soon be accomplished. My own experience as a former Board member affirms the fact that making decisions can be very difficult, with the popular vote not always being the right vote and the right vote not always being popular. I believe that Kable votes his conscience after careful examination of the facts.

In these tough economic times, we must have school board members who have the best interests of both students and teachers uppermost in their minds, not their own personal agendas, and who will make decisions based on facts backed by fiscal responsibility. I believe that Kable is the caliber of candidate we need on the Board of Education.

Larry Togans
Charles Town



Kable deserves re-election

Gary Kable was elected in 2006 to the Jefferson County Board of Education to fill a two year vacancy and again in 2008 to serve a four-year term. Gary will run for re-election in the May 8 primary.

For the last four years, Gary has served as vice president of the Board and is currently vice president of the West Virginia School Boards Association. He will serve the Association as president-elect for the 2012-2013 school year following the May election.

Gary understands the dynamics of growth, progress and change in Jefferson County. He is a former county commissioner, employee of a Fortune 500 company and the owner and operator of a photography business in Jefferson County. It is Gary’s experience and “institutional history” as a native of Jefferson County that gives him the critical base for effective leadership as a Board member.

As with every Board election, placing responsible leaders in the position to work for the children and future of Jefferson County is the highest priority.

Gary is one of those leaders and I believe that Gary must remain a member of the Jefferson County Board of Education.

David “Joe” Smith
Charles Town

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