The West Virginia Encyclopedia receives award

Charleston – e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia received the “e-Appalachia Award for Outstanding Website” during the 35th Annual Appalachian Studies Conference held March 23-25 in Indiana, Pa. The award is given “in recognition of an outstanding website that provides insight on Appalachia and its people, or provides a vital community service to Appalachians.”

Developed by the West Virginia Humanities Council, e-WV may be found at

It is an interactive site showcasing West Virginia’s history, culture, and people, and is thoroughly innovative, enhanced with audio and video, hundreds of illustrations, maps, time lines, and other features. In keeping with the Humanities Council mission of service, e-WV is free of charge and available to anyone with access to a computer and Internet connection.

“We appreciate this recognition from the Appalachian Studies Association,” said Ken Sullivan, director of the Humanities Council and e-WV editor-in-chief. “The Association has supported writing, research and teaching related to the Appalachian region since 1977, and it is good to be honored by our own people,” Sullivan added.

The latest product of the West Virginia Encyclopedia Project, e-WV has been under way at the Humanities Council for more than a decade. The project is best known for its one-volume West Virginia Encyclopedia, which became a regional bestseller after its publication on June 20, 2006.

For more information contact the West Virginia Humanities Council, 1310 Kanawha Blvd. E., Charleston, WV 25301, phone 304-346-8500 or visit e-WV at

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