Schools may re-hire staff lost in RIFs

CHARLES TOWN — A number of Jefferson County schools’ employees may be being offered their jobs back.

Superintendent Susan Wall said thirty-nine of the fifty-seven previously reduced positions could be filled by those laid-off staff members.
In December, Wall identified 45 jobs for reductions.
Those 45 positions were sent to the schools’ human resources office to identify the individuals who would be let go, Wall said.
Reductions in force are determined by seniority according to state personnel laws. The 45 positions affected 66 individuals.
“Those individuals who were RIFed were placed on a preferred recall list for jobs,” Wall said.
She said currently 23 individuals have been rescinded, transferred or returned to positions. An additional 34 positions are posted (open) to be filled.
“The 23 placed plus 34 positions vacancies equals a total of 57 open positions for those who were impacted by the RIFs,” Wall said.
Jefferson County approved a one-year retirement incentive of $1,000 to individuals who applied for retirement by the first of February.
Wall said that was a one-time county incentive to facilitate those individuals who were RIFed and on the preferred recall list to be returned to jobs.
“Thirty-nine individuals retired through this incentive, which has facilitated those individuals who were RIFs and on the preferred recall list,” Wall said. “It’s still early April, there are still opportunities for early retirement or resignation.”
Wall said until a few years ago the deadline for making determinations about reducing staff was April 1. The date is now Feb. 1.
“By April 1, we pretty much knew how many were retiring or leaving,” Wall said.
During the recent legislative session the date was changed back again to April 1.
“I’m confident the RIF situation in Jefferson County will only get better,” Wall said. “As it stands now 57 out of 66 positions are filled and it will improve.”
Wall said staffing updates would be announced at each of the upcoming board meetings.


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