Human Kindness Walk planned for next month

CHARLES TOWN – Local citizens and charitable organizations are planning an event to help raise aid and awareness of the problem of homelessness in Jefferson County.

Officials from Community Ministries, the Homeless Coalition and the City of Charles Town gathered at the Jefferson County Food Pantry on Saturday night to plan a “Human Kindness Walk.”
The walk will begin at the Community Ministries building on May 6, at 2 p.m., and it will proceed to a number of local churches active in the battle against homelessness. Those interested in joining the walk are asked to bring $1 and a canned food item, which will benefit Community Ministries.
They are also asked to wear red T-shirts to show their solidarity with the homeless. The meeting was spurred on and inspired by Armand Young, a Ranson man with an dedication for charitable acts. Young was the force behind obtaining a home for the Embrey family, who lost their home and all their possessions in an October fire.
Young wound up in Ranson after completing his own “Human Kindness Walk.” After nearly dying from a drug overdose, Young decided to turn his life around. He sold his house and all his possessions, and walked from California to New York helping homeless families get employment and housing.
Young says he is planning another “Human Kindness Walk” back from New York to California within a few months.


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  1. This is armand young with ( HUMAN KINDNESS WALK ) THIS IS A DAY OF HUMAN KINDNESS IN CHARLES TOWN, West Virginia on May 6th at 2pm starting at the Jefferson County Ministries located at 238 West Washington Street in Charles Town. “Human Kindness Walk” around town is to help raise aid and awareness of the problem of homelssness in Jefferson County. We will be walking to all of the local churches and vacant buildings. So please bring a canned good or $1.00 and wear a red t-shirt to show support for the homelessness and our soldiers. We will also be surprising a homeless family with a home. Please share and become a big part of our “Human Kindness Walk” Thank you for your support. PLEASE COME WALK WITH ME AND CHANGE SOME ONES LIVES WE WILL BE SHOUTING A VIDEO FOR YOUTUBE AND A DOCUMENTERY MOVIE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE HOME HUMAN KINDNESS EXSIST TODAY SO FAR I WALKED FROM CALIFORNIA TO NEW YORK FOR EVERY LIFE LOST ON 911 AND ARE FALLEN SOLDIERS IM DOING ACTS OF KINDNESS IN THIER NAME ALSO I WILL BE WALKING FROM GROUND ZERO NEW YORK BACK TO CALIOFRNIA THIS MAY 21 AT NOON ,

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