Healthy eating —riiiiight

Before our first child was born, my husband and I had a great dream.

Our child was going to eat healthy foods. I would breastfeed to start him out on his path. When he got older and on solid foods, we would buy all organic products to make his meals out of and he would love them.

Good dream, right? Too bad, my kid didn’t think so.

From the first day he was born, my son had his own ideas about his menu. I tried for weeks to get him to breastfeed but he was way too impatient to wait for me. Pumping worked for a little bit but I could not keep up with demand. Enter Similac and I had a happy baby because he got the food he wanted the moment he wanted it.

Almost 3 1/2 years later, he is still the same way. He won’t try the healthy fruits and vegetables we put on his plate. His pasta turns cold and sandwiches go stale sitting out begging to be eaten.

I will tell him “Honey. There are kids your age who have nothing to eat and you are letting this food go bad. We are lucky to have this. You should eat it.”

Futile. Yes, I know. He doesn’t understand.

The food pyramid is not a friend of my son’s even though we desperately want them to be.

He wants all the foods that I don’t want him to have. French fries and pizza are his favorites.

I will put new foods out for him but he won’t touch them. My son would make a great member of a SWAT team one day because he can wait anyone out. If I say no to getting a new plate of food, he just waits and bides his time.

He will eat different things, just not at our house. He loves the food at my mother-in-law’s house. He will eat cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches over there. I try and make them at home and he won’t touch them.

He was the same way at day care. Loved the food there but once I bought some for home, he would not even look at it.

He also has become quite the little food critic.

“The pizza is too cheesy.” “This French fry is broken.” “My steak is yucky.” “My juice isn’t cold!”

It’s like I have a little angry Tom Colicchio running around my house.

He could be a quick fire challenge judge on Bravo’s “Top Chef.” The contestants could make a dish that he would actually eat and the winner could get immunity.

I never have been a great cook but my husband graduated from culinary school for crying out loud. He is very talented but my son just isn’t having any of it.

We have no idea how we will expand his menu and continue to be open to ideas.

We are lucky with our daughter. She loves all types of food.

Even the items I fix.

– Gina Gallucci-White writes from Frederick, Md.

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