Former Bakerton chief charged with misuse of funds

GERRARDSTOWN – The former Fire Chief of Bakerton Fire Department has been accused of improperly using the fire company’s credit card for personal purchases.

James Fonz Johnson has been charged with one count of obtaining goods under false pretenses for which he could face a sentence of one to 10 years in prison and a $2,500 fine, if convicted.
Johnson was arrested Sunday by Senior Trooper J.E. Williams of the West Virginia State Police, according to court records.
According to Williams’ police report, members of the Bakerton Fire Company implicated Johnson in the misuse of funds.
“According to members of the (Bakerton) fire department, large purchases from grocery stores made by the defendant on (the department’s) Visa charge account were never delivered to the fire department. In addition, other members of the fire department advised that purchases made on the Visa charge account were for the defendant’s privately owned vehicle,” the report states.
Johnson is currently free on a $10,000 bail, posted by Presidential Bail Bonds.


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