Business’s ‘right hands’ to get star treatment

SHEPHERDSTOWN – There’s a bit of Hollywood-style glitz ahead for those who want to say a special thanks this year to their secretaries, administrative assistants and other office workers.

“We didn’t want to do just the same Right Hands Day, explains Heather Morgan McIntyre, the executive director of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce. “I was thinking, ‘How can we make this really special?’”
With coverage of the countdown to the Oscars in the news as she debated the question back in January, McIntyre found her inspiration. In place of the traditional Right Hands Day, a new event called “Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Star Employees“ will make its debut on April 27.
“We’re going to literally roll out a red carpet at the Bavarian,” she said. “The star employee will get to walk the red carpet with his or her employer, have a wonderful luncheon and then an informative business lecture. They’ll get a photo of themselves on the red carpet to take home – and a star trophy.
“It’s going to be something different, and very fun.”
The lecture component of the day will come from Tiffany Hine of Blue Ridge Community and Technical College. She’ll offer tips from a course she leads in providing excellent customer service during challenging times.
“We like the idea of this not being just a lunch but that those who attend will come away with information that’s valuable, too,” McIntyre said. “Customer service is so important to businesses these days. We think this will be something that our business community will find very helpful.”
Representatives from businesses that are not chamber members can take part, too, McIntyre said. “We like to see even nonmember businesses come to events like this or to our mixers,” she said. “Once they’ve come and been part of things, many times they do sign up to become a member. We like giving them the opportunity to see all the ways this is an organization that they want to be part of.”


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