Walling up Middleway

MIDDLEWAY—With construction of Middleway Fire Company’s new firehouse proceeding briskly, the station is currently seeking donations of furniture to outfit its offices, day room, kitchen and training room.

Vice President and Assistant Fire Chief Steve Chamblin said the new station house will be a tremendous asset for the department.

Workers from United Enterprises Construction build a block fire wall that will separate the living areas of the Middleway Fire Department’s new station from the engine bay. The wall is meant to prevent a fire in the living area from spreading to the engine bay.

Progress is moving at a rapid rate. The winter has been very good to us. The construction company has been very good to us. We are hoping to be in (the station house) in the next six to eight weeks, if the weather continues to hold up, Chamblin said. All the membership is very excited about the new station.

The building is being constructed by United Enterprises Construction LLC of Greencastle, Penn.

Site Supervisor Mike Horst said the wood-framed structure contains a number of energy-efficient features that will keep heating and cooling costs down.

Many of Middleway’s fire and EMS vehicles are currently stored outside. Chamblin says the new station will increase the department’s readiness during winter months.

“A major portion of our equipment right now is sitting out in the weather. The station will allow us to get all our equipment out of the weather,” Chamblin said, “explaining that keeping the vehicles indoors will reduce maintenance costs and improve response times in winter, since responders will not have to clean snow off their vehicles before leaving on a call.”

Costs for the station are expected to exceed $800,000, including the price of acquiring the five-acre plot on which the station is being constructed. Funding has been provided by loans and more than $100,000 in impact fee funds.

The department is seeking donations of furniture to outfit the new structure.

Anyone willing to donate furniture should contact Chamblin at 304-725-4992. Middleway will name a room for the donor, a loved one or an organization in exchange for a donation of furniture.

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