She’s a natural: Holistic healer plans weekend open house

MARTINSBURG – Holistic healer Kristen Dorsey knows herb mixtures, teas and other all-natural remedies can help speed physical recovery, ward off sickness and boost one’s emotional and spiritual well-being. She’s also a big believer in the power of gratitude.

[cleeng_content id="438745435" description="Read it now!" price="0.15"]So it’s only natural that this weekend, Dorsey has planned an event that brings together natural healing and gratefulness.

Kristen Dorsey’s open house this weekend will give visitors the chance to connect with experts in acupuncture, Reiki and other energy healers.

Dorsey’s first-ever Day of Gratitude and open house happens Saturday at Divine Journeys, the business she operates on a bucolic three acres just off Interstate 81 in Martinsburg.

Visitors can take part in a bonfire gratitude ceremony, try Reiki and Quantum Touch sessions, learn how to balance the body’s energy in a workshop with Boonsboro, Md., acupuncturist Jeff Worth, and much more.

Those who stop by also can enjoy Dorsey’s healthy tea and snacks. It’s free to attend, and any private donations offered for the holistic services will be donated to the local children’s charity, We Can.

Dorsey is clearly excited about the Day of Gratitude, but the 49-year-old Connecticut native has an even bigger nature shindig planned for May 4, 5 and 6 in Harpers Ferry: a Wild Food Weekend Retreat.

“There are wild plants growing in many of our yards that are packed with more nutrition than any organic greens you can buy at the grocery store,” said Dorsey, who left a real estate career to launch Divine Journeys.

The retreat will unfold on the 350-acre For the Love of Children site in Harpers Ferry. Guests will join Dorsey in a leisurely hike as she points out readily available wild plants that make for delicious meals as well as healing remedies.

After the walk, Chef Mariam Conroy of Harpers Ferry-based Gourmet on the Go will use the wild foods to create a gourmet meal for guests. Later that evening, visitors can enjoy an herb-themed movie along with weed beer, honey mead and herbal cordials. To wrap up the retreat, Conroy will use more wilderness fare during a cooking demonstration as she prepares Sunday brunch.

Participants who register this week qualify for the early-bird discount, Dorsey said. The cost for the weekend is $150 for those who camp out or $190 for those who prefer to stay in the FLOC lodge.

For those who don’t want to commit to an entire weekend, it’s also possible to take part in the retreat in an a la carte fashion. “Anyone is welcome to participate in just a portion of the weekend – just the hike, just the gourmet dinner, just the Sunday brunch and so on,” Dorsey said. “Maybe you’d like to take the hike and your significant other isn’t interested in that, but would like to come to the dinner. We wanted to offer that flexibility.”

Another partner in the Wild Food Weekend Retreat is Swallowtail Consulting, the firm operated by small business expert Lorrie Schoettler, who lives in Harpers Ferry. To register or ask questions about the retreat, email Schoettler at

For more on this weekend’s free Day of Gratitude or other offerings from Divine Journeys, see Dorsey’s website, or contact Dorsey by email ( or phone (304-261-8157).[/cleeng_content]

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