RESA 8 awards ‘Let’s Move! WV’ grant

Michele Miller, Media Specialist and School Wellness Coordinator from Ranson Elementary School in Jefferson County received a RESA 8 “Let’s Move! WV” grant.

Chosen schools must participate in 15 minutes of daily physical activity each day, in addition to Physical Education and Recess. Miller, as the teacher leader and grant recipient will provide support and direction to the rest of the staff. According to the latest educational research, movement is essential in the learning process. The whole premise is that movement will improve student learning. The grant is made available through the RESA 8 Coordinated School-Public Health Program and the West Virginia Office of Healthy Schools. For more information about RESA 8 visit or email Terri Miller at with any questions about the program.

Above, Terri Miller, RESA 8 Regional School wellness specialist, presents the grant to Michele Miller and Debra Corbett, Principal.

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