Patriots inundate Goretti with 28 baserunners

HAGERSTOWN— Fourteen hits, numerous St. Maria Goretti errors, walks, and hit batsmen gave Washington High no fewer than 28 baserunners when the Patriots opened their baseball season on the road with a 17-4 win over the Gaels last Thursday.

The tone was set early. Washington scored four times in its first turn . . . and then had only one scoreless inning as it feasted on four different Gael throwers.

Austin Larcomb pitched a shutout as Washington moved its record to 2-0 with an 8-0 blanking of visiting Hampshire.

The Washington hits came in all sizes and colors. Freshman second baseman Hunter Weaver had a two-run homer, there were several doubles (two on badly misjudged balls to Goretti’s leftfielder), line drive singles, and ground balls that handcuffed several infielders.

And the Gaels committed six errors, walked six, saw their throwers hit three batters, had three wild pitches, and had three passed balls. In addition to all that trouble, Washington also stole four bases without ever being caught stealing.

The reason the game wasn’t halted by the 10-run rule was because Washington scored six runs in the gloaming of the seventh inning after taking an 11-4 lead into the frame.

The two Washington starters who played until the near-dark end had six at-bats.

Austin Larcomb collected four RBIs, Weaver had three, and the Patriots’ third pitcher, Tyler Mattei, also drove in three runs with a seventh-inning double that was

missed on a dive by a reserve outfielder.

Winning pitcher Jared Silva went four innings. He faced 20 batters while allowing five hits and three walks. Silva fanned three. Both runs scored off him were earned. As a hitter, he was credited with a 3-for-5 evening after a fly ball was misjudged and a hard-hit grounder handcuffed the Gaels’ reserve shortstop. He had two RBIs.

Larcomb had three hits as the first four batters in Washington’s lineup and their substitutes accounted for 13 of the baserunners and eight of the hits.

Other than Silva, who batted fifth, the last four starters in the lineup were a combined 1-for-10.

The Patriot defense did not commit any errors and right-fielder Drew Hetzel had two excellent running catches on balls he caught while running downhill toward some trees.

It was all the baserunners that paraded around the bases that will be most remembered. Washington never had fewer than five batters in any of its seven turns. And it batted around twice.

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