Local cycling club cleans up W. Va. 9

The Panhandle Pedalers Cycling Club recently completed a litter cleanup of WV Route 9 as a member of the Adopt-A-Highway program, a joint effort by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and the Division of Highways.

The club keeps the 2.2-mile stretch of the W. Va. R 9 bike path from Currie Road to Bardane litter-free by holding clean-up days and enlisting the help of its members.

The club’s recent effort garnered 31 bags of litter in two hours — an estimated weight of 900 pounds of trash.

Adopted highways are identified by a set of signs with the volunteer’s name or organization placed at the beginning and ending points of the adopted road.

Since the program began in 1988, volunteers have removed millions of pounds of litter from West Virginia highways. Many miles of highway remain available for adoption. Anyone interested in joining the program can call 800-322-5530.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Panhandle Pedalers Cycling Club can visit panhandlepedalers.com.

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