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Say ‘no’ to commercial river access

The Jefferson County Planning Commission meeting will be held on March 13 at 7 p.m. in the Betty J. Roper Auditorium at Wright Denny Intermediate School, Charles Town. One of the agenda items is a Public Workshop Regarding Recreational Uses/Potential Zoning Amendments. The river outfitters have been sending letters to their supporters to attend this meeting to support their requests to have access to the Potomac, have food trucks, campgrounds, etc.

We don’t need more commercial activities on the Potomac River. What we need is more public access. If we have all the available access to the river commercialized anyone who wishes to utilize the river for canoeing, tubing, or other water activities will have to go through one of the commercial river outfitters. If you have ever tried to tube, canoe or kayak into the Shenandoah River you know that access off of Millwood Rd. is mostly controlled by the river outfitters. Any one of them would be happy to rent you tubes, canoes or kayaks and only then let you go across their property to enter the public river.

To keep this from happening on the Potomac River we need to attend the Public Workshop Regarding Recreational Uses/Potential Zoning Amendments and voice our concerns about the commercialization of the rivers. We need to let the Planning Commission know that we want more public access to the rivers so that the residents/tourists can enjoy the natural beauty that Jefferson County has to offer without having to pay one of the local river outfitters for the privilege.

Ted and Jan Schiltz

Harpers Ferry


Thank you, Jefferson Memorial

Dr. Rosie Cannarella-Lorenzetti and I had returned from a two week medical mission in San Lucas, Guatemala on Sunday night, Feb. 12. The trip there was awesome and remarkable in so many ways. This was Rosie’s fourth trip to Guatemala and my first. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

The following morning, while packing up the car to return to Morristown, NJ, I became deeply dizzy and my right leg and arm went completely numb. Honestly, we both thought I was having a TIA or stroke. Rosie immediately gave me two aspirin and we headed for Jefferson Memorial Hospital.

So this brings me to the “love letter” that I want to send to the whole staff at Jefferson Memorial Hospital. From the moment that I arrived in the ER until I left the next day Valentines Day) I was treated with such kindness and concern, a very important thing at a time like this, because being a scared and slightly embarrassed patient is difficult. Everything that could be done for me was done with compassion and efficiency. I truly cannot say “thank you!” enough to the staff, every worker on the team, from the attending staff physician, to attending resident, to all nurses and lab personnel to ultra sound and echogram and CT scan technicians. I was also impressed how the team treated each other constantly with respect and kindness. Compared to some of the larger hospitals here in the northeast that I have experienced, I felt cared for in a very special way. This is the first step toward healing. Thanks so much, Jefferson Memorial.

Cecilia Engelberg

Morristown, NJ

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