Crafting your brand in real time via social media

HARPERS FERRY – Social media brings us into relationship with a vast universe of contacts that the walk-a-day life can never offer. We spend hours at our keyboards making “friends” and building connections. In today’s marketplace it is essential to develop a consistent online presence that builds and reinforces your brand. But there is nothing like personal connections to solidify a contact’s impression of you as a leader in your profession – one who offers quality products and services that they need.

In-person events require a great deal of resources, not the least of which is time. For the solo entrepreneur there is no way to organize a quality event in a manner that truly compensates the time and efforts required to organize it. That being said, it is important to acknowledge the benefits face-to-face events offer your marketing plan:

• You may think that people are interested in your product or service, but it is really you that they are investing in. Believe it or not, there is something in the way you present yourself that attracts clients to you.

When people buy your product or service what they are really saying is, “I see something in your presence that I am interesting in cultivating in myself…” There is nothing like sharing time together, in person, to heighten this relationship and convert someone’s curiosity into their becoming a solid prospect, and converting prospects into clients.

• Events make you strengthen your skills and ability to present them with confidence. The time between announcing your event and executing it is one long exercise in refining your message and practicing its delivery. This is brand development in real time.

• The value of friends, not the Facebook kind, but real people who have shared space and perhaps a hug with you are much more likely to interact with you on the various social media platforms. Each time I organize an event I gain new followers, and I see a marked increase in the amount of comments I receive on various posts from those who attended the event.

Lorrie Schoettler’s Swallowtail Consulting specializes in the needs of small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Reach her at or 304-876-8153.

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