County unemployment rate drops 1/10 percent

CHARLES TOWN — Jefferson County’s unemployment 13-month average remains at just over 6.6 percent, according to WorkForce West Virginia.

   The January unemployment went from 5.9 in December 2011 to 5.8 in January 2012.

The civilian labor force went from 24,300 in December 2011 to 24,800 in January 2012. Total employment went from 23,420 in December 2011 to 22,740 in January 2012.

Nonfarm payroll went from 16,030 in December 2011 to 15,060 in January 2012.

The highest unemployment rate in January 2012 was Calhoun County’s at 13.2 percent.

The lowest county unemployment rate in January was Monongalia’s at 5.2 percent.

West Virginia’s unemployment rate climbed four-tenths of a percentage point to 7.8 percent in January. The number of unemployed state residents rose 2,400 to 61,600.

Total unemployment was down 11,100 over the year.

The lowest unemployment since 2001 in the past 11 years was 3.6 percent, which occurred in October 2007.

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