Commission OKs 2013 budget

CHARLES TOWN – The County Commission approved the budget for the coming fiscal year in a special session on Tuesday.

The 2012-2013 total estimated revenue for county government is estimated at $21.7 million, with an additional cash carryover of $4 million from the current fiscal year.
County Finance Director Paul Shroyer explained that the cash carryover is needed each year to keep county government running until property taxes begin flowing in.
Total estimated expenditures, as state law requires, have allocated 100 percent of estimated revenue into various sections of county government.
Both estimated revenue and expenditures – including carryover funds – are estimated to increase 11.7 percent over the current fiscal year. Shroyer explained that he does not expect that all government agencies will consume their entire budget. He says there will be excess funds to carry over into next year.
The increase in estimated revenue is fueled by a five percent increase in property tax revenue, a 96 percent increase in table gaming revenue and an increase in E911 fees. Revenue from slot machines is expected to fall, however, by approximately 15 percent.
The County Commission has allocated itself $2.4 million dollars, the biggest chunk of the general government budget. $1.8 million will go to the prosecuting attorney’s office, and $1.3 million will go toward renovation of the Charles Town Courthouse and other court buildings. General government expenditures are set at a total of $12 million, or about 47 percent of the total budget.
Public safety is the second largest potion of allocated expenditures, at $9.4 million. Law enforcement agencies will get $3.1 million, and the 911 center $2 million. The Emergency Services Agency will get $2.2 million, in increase of 67 percent over its 2010-2011 budget. Costs for housing inmates in the regional jail are projected at $1.2 million.
The total budget for culture and recreation will be $1 million. $45,000 will go toward health and sanitation, and $13,832 will go for social services.
$3 million has been allocated to the capital outlay account, where it can be used to purchase new infrastructure and equipment.


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