Brain Games

There’s still time to flex your mental muscles at Brain Games, where dozens of teams from across the Panhandle gather to tackle tough trivia questions.

[cleeng_content id="374681182" description="Read it now!" price="0.15"]“The main goal of Brain Games is to raise money for the Literacy Volunteers of the Eastern Panhandle,” explains Judy Malone, the competition’s longtime organizer. “It’s just a really fun way to do that.”
Since 1998, Brain Games’ registration fees have translated into thousands for Literacy Volunteers, the volunteer organization that provides free tutoring to adults struggling with reading and for those learning English as a second language throughout Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan counties.
Bob Fleenor, a Martinsburg resident who was a five-time champion on Jeopardy! in 2001, has competed at Brain Games for the past 11 years as part of a team from the Herald-Mail of Hagerstown, Md. “We’ve won it five times, including the last two,” Fleenor explains. “Jeopardy! was much less nerve-wracking.”
This year’s competition happens April 1, and teams who sign up before the early bird registration deadline of Saturday pay $25 per person. After that date, the per-person signup fee increases to $30.
Teams must have at least three members and may have up to six. Area businesses sponsor many of the teams and others are composed of friends or family members.
This year, the cranial competition happens not in Shepherdstown as in years past but at the James Rumsey Technical Institute on W.Va. 9 east of Hedgesville.
Another change: Teams can chip in an additional $5 to buy one answer at some point during the contest. It’s a natural progression to the popular “Submit a Question” feature introduced to the 2011 contest, Malone said.
This year, Malone said that teams may submit two questions, one of which will be asked during the games, or they may opt to submit a single question one that may or may not be used.
Malone said that Panhandle businesses can help out not only by putting together teams, but through sponsorships and by donating raffle items and door prizes.
Questions about Brain Games may be directed to Malone at 304-264-0298 or by emailing
Now that you’ve had a chance to do some thinking, here are the answers to the queries on C1 (all actual trivia questions used in recent Brain Games):
What country sold the Virgin Islands to the United States in 1916? Denmark
What name is Eric Arthur Blair better known by? George Orwell
Where is the International Tennis Hall of Fame? Newport, R.I.
Who wrote the 1986 novel, “Forrest Gump”? Winston Groom
What does the Beaufort scale measure?
Wind speed
What group sang the 1968 hit song, “Build Me Up Buttercup”? The Foundations[/cleeng_content]


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