Mens Tuesday Night Handicap

Ten Pinners 34-10

J & J Pro Shop 28-16

Hammertime 24-20

Misfits 23-21

Gimps Are Us 23-21

Dead Last 20-24

Blue Ridge Carpentry 19-25

Power Rollers 19-25

Pure Luck 18-26

King Pinz 12-32

High Average: Brian Longerbeam-206; Troy Longerbeam-204; Chad Coulter-203

High Game: Chad Coulter-267; Rob Althoff-264; Greg Staubs-238

High Series: Rob Althoff-676; Brian Longerbeam-652; Chad Coulter-639

High Team Game: Gimps Are Us-1035; Blue Ridge Carpentry-976; Misfits-968

High Team Series: Gimps Are Us-2970; J & J Pro Shop-2753; Blue Ridge Carpentry-2745

Wednesday Night Handicappers

Get U Some, Split U Some 33-11

It Is-What It Is 27-17

Goodwrench 26-18

Blind Strikes 26-18

Bang’n Da Hole 26-18

Fun Bunch 26-18

Mountain 4 26-18

“I Got Crabs” at Vista Tavern 22-22

Just Want to Bowl 22-22

Older N Bowlder 22-22

Bazinga 20-24

No Name Team 20-24

24 Kt. 18-26

U Cant C Us 17-27

Doc’s 17-27

Vacancy Team 0-44

High Average Woman: Penny Jarbeau-191; Sharon Cogle-170; Jackie Mayne-169

High Average Man: Brian Longerbeam-210; Kenny Fox-204; Joey Jarbeau-203

High Game Woman: Penny Jarbeau-193; Jackie Mayne-189; Kris Arvin-187

High Game Man: David Mercer Jr.-300; Danny Lewis-247; Max Ballenger-246

High Series Woman: Penny Jarbeau-544; Jackie Mayne-537; Kris Arvin-529

High Series Man: David Mercer Jr.-812; Gary Seltzer Sr.-673; Brian Longerbeam-668

High Team Game: It Is-What It Is-827; Older N Bowlder-755; Goodwrench-742

High Team Series: It Is-What It Is-2297; Older N Bowlder-2109; Fun Bunch-2085

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