10 students qualify for W.Va. regional math field day

The West Virginia Regional Math Field Day was recently held at Shepherd University.

The following Jefferson County students qualified to attend the WV State Math Field day competition:

Fourth Grade: First Alternate – Daniel Moylan, Wright Denny Intermediate School

Fifth Grade: First Place – Daisy Levine, Shepherdstown Elementary School

Sixth Grade: First Place – Nick Chapman, Wildwood Middle School

Seventh Grade: Second Alternate – Baily Price, Charles Town Middle School

Ninth Grade: Bonnie Walton, Washington High School

Tenth – Twelfth Grades: Second Place – Franco Posa – Jefferson High School; Third Place – James Park – Jefferson High School; Fourth Place – Tim Scott – Washington High School; Fifth Place – Paul Sibrell – Washington High School; and Sixth Place – Levi Spickler – Jefferson High School.

The 38th West Virginia State Math Field Day Competition will be held at Concord University on April 21.

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